Snapshots from a cyclist - our life in Chanthaburi province จันทบุรี south-eastern Gulf of Thailand. 4th year here and still discovering new places; we love it here. Happy to provide advice on cycle touring, accommodation etc, a lot to see/do for the two-wheeled tourist.

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27th October 2013


Marine Education Centre at Khung Kraben

Always an interesting place to visit, free entry, and wander the walkways to see the fish in the holding pens, including sea turtles here for rehabilitation (accidentally netted by fishermen) and three leopard sharks all about 2m long. Buy a bucket of small fish and climb down to the ater and some fish can be hand-fed.

The fourth picture above shows the Khung Kraben estuary at a very low tide earlier this year. The Marine Education Centre is at centre-left, on the south side of the narrow estuary entrance. 

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